US Senate Race for Illinois - 2004

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Republican Candidates
Alan Keyes
Jack Ryan
John Borling
Dr. Chirinjeev Kathuria
Andy McKenna
Jim Oberweis
Steven Rauschenberger
Jonathan Wright
Antonio Davis-Fairman
John Cox
Patrick O'Malley
Jim Durkin

Democratic Candidates
Barack Obama
Gery Chico
Blair Hull
Estella Johnson-Hunt
Dan Hynes
Maria Pappas
Nancy Skinner
Joyce Washington
Frank Avila
Matt O'Shea
John Simmons

Color Codes:
Black - Potential Candidate
Green - Active Candidate
Red - Lost
Orange - Candidate has dropped out or is not running

Abortion - I'm personally opposed to abortion because it violates the 2nd biblical commandment; However, God sets before us good and evil and tells us to choose. He doesn't force good choices but prefers that we'd choose them.

Affirmative Action - In favor of

Campaign Finance Reform - Agree with McCain-Feingold bill allowing $12,000 donations per election for senate candidates, thus making a more even playing field for nonwealthy candidates. On the other hand, wealthy candidates should have limits as to how much of their personal funds they can contribute to their own campaign so as not to "buy" an election.

Death Penalty - Support capital punishment when offender proven guilty. The scriptures say "whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made He man (Gen. 9:6)" The state's executioner is not a murderer as referred to in the ten commandments but a law enforcer.

Education - To seek a federal law that requires public funding of undergraduate higher education; retroactive clemency law that stops accruing interest on student college loans when borrower is under forbearance or unemployment deferment and that totally discharges bankrupt borrower's student loans; statewide law that requires school district uniformity of salaries/health benefits for equally qualified regular/alternative school staff and that requires full retention of previous service credit when transferring between districts.

Environment - Exhaust pollution: Greater protective measures and law enforcement crackdown needed to prevent frequently observed black smoke pollution coming from diesel trucks on interstate highways. Secondary tobacco smoke inhalation: For greater health precautions, nonsmoking laws need expanding to include on-duty toll booth collectors, self-serve gas station/mini-mart clerks, and on-break employees at main entrance of public businesses.

Free Trade / NAFTA - We are interdependent international nations, but more modifications are needed to protect homeland employment and newer industries. Perhaps tariffs need to be imposed on imports to even the playing field thus helping our national budget to return to black ink.

Gay Marriage / Civil Unions - Morally opposed to gay marriages since the scriptures oppose same sex acts. (Heterosexual sex acts between the unmarried are equally immoral in God's sight). However, I would not oppose human rights benefits for employed homsexual civil unions though they're morally incorrect unions, but it does open the window to require equal human rights benefits for common law heterosexual unions for parity. But as foresaid, God gives free will and hopes we choose good.

Gun Control - In favor of gun control on the streets. However, after so many recent cases of innocent female victims killed in their homes after taking out restraining orders against previous offenders, I feel such stalking victims should be given training classes to own a hand gun for protection from potential break-in by their crazed stalkers.

Illegal Drugs - Increased law enforcement efforts needed that will result in capture and punishment of producers and suppliers of illegal drugs. More public funding is needed for rehab treatment/job training of addicts. Also in the public school systems, mandatory drug screening and ultimate treatment is needed for delinquent students having chronic patterns of severe verbal and/or physical aggression toward staff and/or fellow students.

Iraq War and Reconstruction - I initially opposed war and wrote the president trying to dissuade him from striking unless America was struck first. Since it happened, however, the U.S. more or less is obligated to reconstruct to avoid risk of looking like a mad destroyer who doesn't repair. The ingratitude of those who are yet killing peacekeeping soldiers makes one wish war had never happened, however. Apology needs to be made to U.N. by president for not listening to them at first so that more nations will send in forces to help keep peace and rebuild.

Medicare and Medicade - Believe the government should fund 100% without co-pays of constituents necessary.

National Security - Commend the introduction of the airports' nationwide TSA security system since infamous 9/11 incident and do encourage increased funding for TSA to be able to hire even more workers rather than recently reported cutbacks. Did observe and appreciate improved search procedures when taking a recent flight.

O'Hare Expansion - Opposed to it since the south suburban area has a sagging economy and the northwest side where O'hare is located is already "bloated" financially. I support a full scale south area airport project like expansion of Gary/Chicago Regional Airport as long as Illinois gets equal share of proceeds. Would welcome Peotone location if it wasn't such a thorn to the constituents of agricultural persuasion, but I hate to see that many farmers in Peotone upset about it, but somewhere in the south suburbs an airport is definitely needed posthaste.

Rockford Airport - Would only support expansion if it doesn't hinder funding a south suburban project as well.

School Choice / Vouchers - Prefer equal funding percentages statewide for all schools based on number of students in each statewide school's population so that parents wouldn't have to search out so called 'better' schools away from their neighborhood. Until formula is changed for equal shares, parents will continue to seek out better schools.

Social Security - Praise Clinton for establishing policy allowing the working public beyond 65 to continue working full time while drawing Social Security pensions to help keep the treasury intact. Incentive bonuses should be offered by more employers to encourage more healthy aged workers to stay onboard while they're drawing benefits, thus continuing to benefit our overall treasury for social security.

Taxes - Was opposed to the tax cut imposed by Bush because eventually the less fortunate will go lacking due to dwindling treasuries in place for school aid, DCFS, unemployment insurance, health care, geriatric care, etc.

Term Limits - I believe we should have two term limits for congress with a term break in between before re-running and supreme court judges should not be appointed by president for a life term. A term limit for such judges should be introduced, perhaps six years like senators, to prevent biased individuals from holding up social progress for numerous years(late Thurmond comes to mind). On the other hand, presidents like Clinton and late FDR who benefited the economy should have the right to run again after perhaps a term separation of 4 or more years.

Tort Reform - From personal injuries to libel or slander, more accountability and stronger consequences needed for perpetrators.

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