US Senate Race for Illinois - 2004

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Frank Avila
Matt O'Shea
John Simmons

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Matt O'Shea - Democrat

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Matt O'Shea
Occupation Mayor
Company Downstate Metamora
Marital Status Married
Address Citizens For O'Shea
PO Box 262
Metamora, IL 61548
Phone 309.657.3804
Notes Matt O'Shea, Republican mayor of Downstate Metamora. He switched parties and is running as a Democrat, saying that he did not leave the Republicans they left middle America.

Former State Legislator Mayor of Metamora, Illinois Matt O'Shea is the mayor of Metamora and a director of partner sales for T.A.C Americas, a building information technology company. As village president his administration has taken steps to build for the future. Matt has led the efforts in providing a plan for infrastructure improvements and a comprehensive plan for the next twenty years. Matt has been a successful businessman over the course of the last twenty years. He formerly held positions with major mechanical corporations as a vice president. During his tenure at these companies, he helped grow the union pipe fitter ranks in adding jobs and opportunities for central Il workers. The U.S. Air Force veteran graduated from Burr D. Coe Tech with a specialty in air conditioning. He studied building analysis at the University of Missouri. As a senator, he will use his knowledge to improve the country's energy policies and improving the environment we all live in. As a Boy Scout leader he knows the value of keeping our natural resources available to all. Matt has been a scout leader since 1996. During this time, he has helped guide young men from all walks of life towards their Eagle Scout badges. His oldest son Kevin was one such young man. Helping to develop tomorrow's leaders today has been a passion for Matt. Growing up the son of Patrick O'Shea a teamster truck driver and Lillian O'Shea a homemaker, with seven brothers and sisters, he learned the value of working hard.


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