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Washington D.C.

The Republican field in the race for Senate is about to change. After a meeting in Washington in which he pledged to be faithful to the people and not to raise taxes, Antonio Davis-Fairman discussed some of the ideas that would drive his campaign. The Senate seat of the retiring Peter Fitzgerald is one of the most hotly contested in the nation and a must-win for Republicans.

The addition of Antonio Davis-Fairman to the field promises to add another dimension to a heretofore monotonous race. A strong speaker, Davis-Fairman outlined some of the foundations upon which his campaign will be built: Social Security, education, jobs and health care top his agenda. One reform he proposed for Social Security would allow benefits to be passed onto family members when the recipient dies. Under current provisions any benefits left after death go to the government.

An announcement officially declaring his candidacy is expected from Antonio Davis-Fairman no later than August 18th.

More news to follow . . .

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