John Cox Announcement Speech



I see a new day dawning not just for Illinois but for America - A day of true conservative values.

The people of Illinois have endured more than their share of corruption and cronyism over the past decades but no more so than what they have had to witness in the past several years.   

Speaker Mike Madigan uses taxpayer funds for his college buddy's horse show: 

63 Convictions have resulted from an investigation of selling licenses for bribes, which by the way, is the subject of a sentencing hearing going on as we speak

Our current governor pushes through a rate hike for the politically connected at SBC;

The administrator of the gaming board leaves to go to work for a gaming company he was in charge of regulating;

With all of this, the people of Illinois have grown sick and tired of business as usual.  Corruption and cronyism is rampant in Illinois politics and it will end.  It has to end not just because it makes the public cynical.  It has to end because it costs jobs, economic growth and results in less opportunity

Today I am not only declaring for the US Senate, I am declaring that a new day is dawning for the citizens of Illinois.

I am a true conservative in the tradition of Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush - dedicated to opportunity for all Americans, not just a small circle of cronies and contributors

No longer will the public stand for government leaders who rip up airports in the middle of the night to get their way without notice or debate.

No longer will the public stand for having the relatives of politicians' line up for jobs at the public trough

No longer will the public stand for government officials who leave their jobs only to turn around and peddle the influence they have gained in those positions

No longer will the public stand for government leaders who do anything that has the appearance of impropriety, much less any actual impropriety - Scott Fawell is finding that out right now as his sentencing is under way right now

I see a new day dawning not just for Illinois but also for America, a day of true conservative values.

I see a day when our leaders are looked upon as statesmen -
I see a day when political leaders advance policy they truly believe in and can defend.

I see a day when all Americans who want to work have the opportunity to work and get to keep more of their money;

I see a day when all families have the opportunity to send their children to a quality school;

I see a day when all citizens enjoy access to quality health care in a market driven system and we fulfill the promise to our senior citizens by enacting true reform of the social security system;

I see a day when each child is welcomed into the world, where criminals are punished for crimes instead of law-abiding citizens and where people are judged truly by the content of their character and not the color of their skin;

Today, I am announcing my candidacy for the US Senate because I want to lead the rebirth of the Illinois Republican party around true conservative values, principles and ethics.  We should be about solving problems and not partisanship

In 2002, from Statehouses in places such as Maryland to the US Senate, Conservative Republicans won stunning victories across the nation, with success stories that include those of Jim Talent, Liddy Dole, Saxby Chambliss, Lindsey Graham and most importantly, Norm Coleman in Minnesota--a state more liberal than Illinois, where a conservative won a senate seat convincingly.  These candidates had much in common including unqualified support for President George W. Bush and his programs.  They are all unquestionably Pro-Life and Second Amendment supporters.  And on November 5th, 2002 they all won their bids to become US Senators

That same day, the experience of Illinois Republicans was dramatically different as voters in Illinois cast their ballots against cronyism and corruption.  Unfortunately, what they got was more politics as usual. 

Nowhere is the politics of corruption and cronyism more present than in the debate over the expansion of O'Hare Airport.  Nowhere does politics as usual cost jobs and economic growth as in connection with that project.  The combine that is either in league with or afraid of the political power of the Mayor of Chicago has bought into the massive deception and misdirection of resources that is represented by that project.  Let's talk about facts:

The mayor's cronies make millions off of the airport.  This is not news.  There have been numerous stories in recent years about the no bid deals and consulting contracts that line the pockets of the Mayor's political cronies.

Proponents of O'Hare expansion say it will create jobs - where?    Every square inch around that airport is already developed.  The roads on the ground and the airspace above are so congested, not much of anything can move let alone create new permanent jobs.

If we really want to create jobs, we would build an airport where there is less expensive land and less development already existing - the South Suburbs.  Jobs come from new businesses, which come from innovation and development.  What is necessary for this is affordable land and transportation.  Affordable land around O'Hare doesn't exist but it does on the South side of the region and the rest of Illinois.  That is where we should build a new airport.

Illinois needs more air capacity to maintain our prominence in transportation.   We should have had western access and a third airport two decades ago but it didn't get done - why?  Corruption and cronyism.  A new 21st century airport in Peotone can be built faster and less expensively than the O'Hare project and will spread out the development of the area's economy.  A new airport will attract new businesses, including new airlines with more competition and benefit to the consumer.

The only reason we are moving toward the O'Hare expansion is that the Mayor of Chicago controls that airport and the billions of Federal tax dollars that will be spent there.  That is political corruption of the worst kind because it costs this state jobs and economic progress.

I see a new day dawning for Illinois.
The people of the South Side and Illinois deserve jobs and economic growth.
The people of the South Side and Illinois deserve better schools.
The people of the South Side and Illinois deserve the increase in property values that come with development.

I am the only candidate who in this race who is willing to stand up to the money interests and professional politicians who have joined with the Mayor of Chicago on this wasteful and counterproductive project.  I have a plan to create jobs for Illinois, for real economic growth - we need to build an airport in the South suburbs now and then go back and modernize O'Hare,

The O'Hare project is not the only instance of waste and bad policy in government.  We have a federal government that takes $2.3 trillion out of the economy each year.  The average family spends more on taxes than they do on food, clothing, housing and transportation combined, yet our schools don't teach, our health care costs more and more each year and is less available, we are no closer to Social Security reform and we have judicial vacancies that are treated like political prizes rather than the professional, independent jurists we deserve and expect.  In the course of this campaign, I will be talking about solutions to these problems.

Most important, we need to create jobs so that people can provide for themselves.  Yet, government is so bloated and wasteful that the money we do have is not going to productive efforts.    This must change. 

I see a new day dawning in Illinois.

The renewal and rebirth of the Illinois Republican Party requires a True Conservative committed to making progress on the issues and ending cronyism and corruption.  That is why I've drafted a Code of Ethics that I've included in my booklet,
A Blueprint for the Renewal and Rebirth of the Illinois Republican Party.  We are the Party of principle, of great men of unassailable integrity and honor; such as Lincoln, Reagan and our current President George W. Bush.  Only when we live up to the Conservative values of these leaders will we deserve to return to dominance in this state.

I'm running for the US Senate to restore confidence and integrity in our state Party.  I'm running for the US Senate because I am the True Conservative voice, representing True Conservative values, in this race.  I am running because the balance of power in the US Senate may very well come down to Illinois and this seat.  I will work with President George W. Bush to ensure our economic security and protect our homeland against those who would do us harm

As 9-11 becomes a more distant memory, as the ebb and flow of the war on terrorism recedes it's easy to fall into a false sense of security.  Make no mistake, there are still many in the world that would choose to harm us.  Fortunately, we are blessed with a strong leader in President George W. Bush.  The President needs allies in Congress to keep the homeland safe.  I share the true conservative values of President Bush and as Senator will always be mindful of the primary function of government, to keep our people safe.

I see a new day dawning for Illinois and America.

Reagan proved that a true conservative could be successful in Illinois.  I am a Reagan Republican and I have supported George W. Bush.  In 2000, I filmed two television commercials to help the Bush campaign.  In the fall, I traveled through southern Illinois to push for Social Security reform.  This spring I traveled to Iowa and Ohio to conduct press conferences in support of the President's economic program.   

I will carry on the independence and integrity of Peter Fitzgerald.  I will work with all political leaders of integrity who want good policy and are opposed to cronyism and corruption.  This will be a grassroots campaign of the people.  We will build on the almost 200,000 people who voted for me in 2002. 

Illinois deserves progress on the issues that confront us.  Illinois deserves a statesman in the mold of Everett Dirksen and Paul Simon - someone who will stand up for what is right, for principled leadership, for opportunity for all.  I am dedicated to building a conservative movement in Illinois and I am going to carry that fight to Washington as your next U.S. Senator. I invite you to
join me on this important journey.