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Veteran Blair Hull Salutes Memorial Day

Herrin and Pecatonica, Memorial Day Weekend, 2003
Blair stepped off the Memorial Day weekend by attending Herrin?s holiday festival. Click below and choose a format to watch the News3 clip! He then joined friends and supporters for a Memorial Day parade down Main Street in Pecatonica. For pictures from the weekend, watch Blair's Memorial Day Weekend Slide Show!

Fox News
May 16, 2003

Blair Hull made his network television debut last Friday night in an interview with Fox's Steve Brown. "Talk of the Democratic senatorial candidates," said Brown, "usually begins with this man," he said referring to Blair. Brown went on to say that in the campaign for the 2004 United States Senate, "'s Hull who seems to be holding the strongest hand." Click below to choose a video format and watch the clip.

May 3, 2003

Blair spoke on Saturday to a crowd gathered on a farm in Richland County. Click below to choose a video format and watch the movie!

Blair Hull seeking Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate seat
Mt. Carmel Daily Republican Register
May 5, 2003
Blair Hull wants to even the playing field. "My objective is to eliminate those barriers so that everyone has an equal shot." A candidate for the 2004 Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate, Blair Hull made Mt. Carmel a stop Friday, as he toured several of southern Illinois' counties. Touting real-life experience as a strong foundation for candidacy, Hull says he's not afraid to get in the game and shake things up. "I have real-life experience," Hull told the Register. "I held a union card, taught school, served six years in the army and built my own business." Read Morearrow

Senate candidate visits Olney
Olney Daily Mail
May 5, 2003
..."I am not a professional politician," he said. "What I bring to this race is life experience. I'm clearly a unique candidate. I'm not going to be a typical politician." The former high-school math and physics teacher and U.S. Army soldier is a successful, multimillionaire who takes pride in his union membership and began his campaign last year. He hopes to have visited the state's 102 counties by September. Richland County, he said, was the first county to endorse his candidacy last October. Read Morearrow

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