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Meanwhile, support one of our keynote speakers from last year who is running for the Illinois Senate Position:

Dr. Chirinjeev Kathuria, M.D.,M.B.A. has measurable success in building businesses that impact world economies and shift business models. Dr. Kathuria has co-founded and helped build many businesses which have generated considerable shareholder wealth and jobs. Dr. Kathuria and affiliated companies have been featured in many TV shows and media publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, The Economist, New York Times Magazine, Chicago Sun-Times, CNN, The Today Show, BBC, etc.

Dr. Kathuria has been in Illinois since he was eight months old. He graduated Valedictorian of Downers Grove North School. Dr. Kathuria holds a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree and specialized in U.S. Health Care Policy and Administration and a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) from Brown University. He also holds a Master's in Business Administration (M.B.A.) from Stanford University. Dr. Kathuria's mother is a physician and worked for the Veterans Administration Hospital in Hines, Illinois for over 30 years and his father worked for New York Life Insurance for 25 years.

Prior to co-founding the companies listed below Dr. Kathuria helped setup Morgan Stanley's Investment Banking operations in India.

Dr. Kathuria has extensive experience in the health care industry and has consulted to a broad range of organizations in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. He was instrumental developing Arthur D. Little biotechnology and health care policy practice in Europe.

Dr. Kathuria's other consultant experiences includes serving as a consultant to the Swedish Government (Swedish Planning and Rationalization Institute of Health & Social Service) and helped devise a plan to restructure primary health care in Sweden based on the U.S. Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) model. Dr. Kathuria also served as an advisor to the Integrated Child Development Service in New Delhi, India.

Dr. Kathuria's co-authored papers include "Selectivity Heat Sensitivity of Cancer Cells" and "Avascular Cartilage as an Inhibitor to Tumor Invasion." He conducted a comparative analysis of the European and U.S. biotechnology industries resulting in a paper entitled "Biotechnology in the Uncommon Market" which was published in Biotechnology magazine in December 1992 which helped change at that time the current thinking of biotechnology development.

Some of the Companies Dr. Kathuria co-founded and built include:

· The X-Stream Networks, Inc. was co-founded by Dr. Kathuria and pioneered the free ISP concept. The X-Stream Network, Inc. was one of the fastest growing Internet service providers (ISP) in the world and became the third largest ISP in the UK. The X-Stream networks, Inc. merged with Liberty Surf and the combined company went public on the Paris Stock Exchange for USD 2.9 Billion in March 2000.
· MirCorp Dr. Kathuria was instrumental in helping build the company and is a former founding director. MirCorp created world history on April 4th, 2000 when the company became the world's first company to privately launch and fund manned space programs. MirCorp helped send the first "citizen explorer" to space, Dennis Tito. MirCorp is a joint venture between Rocket & Science Corporation (RSC) Energia and Gold & Appel.
· Medical Oasis, Inc. was co-founded by Dr. Kathuria and is positioned to become the premier chain of diagnostic imaging centers in the nation and was formed to provide medical providers (physicians & hospitals) with the opportunity to enhance their patients' satisfaction, services and revenues by adding diagnostic imaging as well as screening services to their existing medical practices. The Company has negotiated favorable equipment vendor financing agreement for $100 Million that allows the Company to build / develop and manage approximately 50 diagnostic imaging centers.
· Vimani Wireless, Inc., builds, operates and owns broadband wireless local area networks using 802.11a and 802.11b technology in the healthcare and residential and commercial high-density unit markets. Vimani's strategic equity holders include Amgen, Inc (Nasdaq: AMGN).

Any success that Dr. Kathuria achieved he owes to the opportunities and freedoms that America has given him. Now it's his turn to give back to this great nation.

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