Interview with Chirinjeev Kathuria

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Dr. Chirinjeev Kathuria, interviewed on cable talk show "Public Affairs" by host Jeff Berkowitz on  June 26, 2003.  Excerpts courtesy of Jeff Berkowitz

Jeff Berkowitz: And you are a practicing Sikh?

Dr. Chirinjeev Kathuria: Yes

Berkowitz: Which means what?

Kathuria: Sikhism is very similar to Christian teachings. It is one of the world's youngest religions. We believe every religion is right and everyone has different ways of reaching God.

Berkowitz: The Sikh religion has an emphasis on- would you say family values??

Kathuria: Yes, family values are very strong. It believes men and women were created equal?

Berkowitz: As a part of being a Sikh, you wear a turban?

Kathuria: That is correct.

Berkowitz: Anybody who is a practicing Sikh would wear a turban?

Kathuria: I think there are a lot of Sikhs in the United States who don't wear turbans?
Berkowitz: Would you say you are 1000% conservative?

Kathuria: I wouldn't say 1000 % conservative, but definitely if you look at what the conservative values are in terms of tax relief- free markets help us trade our companies, tax relief definitely benefited us and family values are very strong, and ?from an educational point of view, parents played a very important role, so I would definitely say if you are looking at the national Republican agenda, I would fit pretty much toward the conservative side of it
Berkowitz: Would you ban those [partial birth] abortions except if the life of the mother was at stake or would you say except if the life or the health of the mother was at stake?

Kathuria: I think it is definitely, being a doctor, if the life of the mother is a stake-- That is something-- you don't want to kill a mother?as a doctor we take the Hippocratic oath and you know-- first, you shall do no harm.

Berkowitz: So, you would have supported it?I think it became legislation

Kathuria: Absolutely

Berkowitz: I think it became legislation this year. It was a ban on partial birth abortion that passed in this congressional term and I think it bans partial birth abortion except if the life of the mother is at stake. It doesn't make an exception for the health of the mother.

Kathuria: I mean health is going to be more vaguely defined? One thing is important. It [partial birth abortion] only accounts for maybe 2300 of the 1.3 million abortions.

Berkowitz: But you would have voted yes on the legislation if you were in the U. S. Senate?

Kathuria: Yes.

Berkowitz: Yes to ban partial birth abortion?

Kathuria: Yes.
*************************************************************Berkowitz: ?would you rather see
Roe v. Wade overturned by the Supreme Court?

Kathuria: ?I would respect the decisions of the Court.

Berkowitz: ?Would you like to see a country in which
Roe v. Wade was not the law of the land and individual states could decide for themselves whether they wanted to ban, or not, abortion:

Kathuria: ?I would definitely ban late term and partial birth abortions. I would respect the decisions of the Court. If they decided to overturn
Roe versus Wade, I would still respect those

Berkowitz: But, you don't necessarily support overturning
Roe v. Wade?

Kathuria: Like I said, I would just now support the decisions of the Court--whatever the Supreme Court goes with

Berkowitz: So, that would sound to me as if you are somewhere as a mix between pro-life and pro-choice?

Kathuria: Like I said, against late term and partial birth abortions?.
Berkowitz: Parental notice laws generally say that if she is under 18, you have to advise the parents [of the scheduled abortion]. Would you support that parental notice [law]?

Kathuria: Absolutely, family values are very important to us
*************************************************************Berkowitz: You favor gun control?

Kathuria: Like I said, I am pro the Constitution.

Berkowitz: Second Amendment?

Kathuria: Yeah, pro the Constitution.

Berkowitz: You support the Brady Act?

Kathuria: I am pro the Second Amendment.

Berkowitz: I know, but do you support the Brady act, that is legislation- would you like to repeal it or would you keep it.

Kathuria: Right now, I would be pro the Second Amendment, so I am going to answer it

Berkowitz: What is the answer? Yes or No? Do you know what the Brady Act does?

Kathuria: I definitely have some idea. But, right now, I am

Berkowitz: Background checks, do you favor background checks

Kathuria: Yeah, I know

Berkowitz: A federal law that says that people [who buy guns] must have background checks. Do you favor that?

Kathuria: I mean, absolutely, people should

Berkowitz: Do you favor closing the gun show loophole?

Kathuria: You see right now, let me just tell you, Jeff- I am pro the Constitution, pro the Second Amendment

Berkowitz: We are all pro the Constitution. That doesn't get us anywhere.

Kathuria: And, you have got to have background- people who use handguns for the wrong reason- they should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Why do we have ten thousand handgun killings in the
U. S. and 43 in Canada?
Berkowitz: What about the Patriot Act? Patriot Acts I and II?Has the government been too harsh and perhaps have you and others who might be mistaken as bad guys because of your heritage, because of your turban--are you being unnecessarily and inappropriately discriminated against?

Kathuria: I think the federal government, including [Transportation Secretary] Norman Moneta, has gone out of their way to protect the civil liberties of people whether you are Asian American, Hispanic American, Polish American

Berkowitz: You think your civil liberties are being protected?

Kathuria: Yeah, absolutely.

Berkowitz: All people of middle eastern descent are having their civil liberties protected?

Kathuria: I think one of the

Berkowitz: Are some people being inappropriately detained?

Kathuria: Sure, there is always going to be

Berkowitz: What would you do to stop that?

Kathuria: I think, education, the reason for me- like running for the
U. S.

Berkowitz: Education? Is the legislation too broad? Is the Patriot Act too broad?
Berkowitz: The most recent Bush Tax cut-- that just passed. It was a roughly 350 billion dollar tax cut? Bush initially proposed something like 750 billion dollars [in tax cuts]. Did you support his [initial] proposed tax cut, or did you support the current one?

Kathuria: No, I would have supported (as you know, we have been building businesses)--I would have supported the entire tax cut.

Berkowitz: The 750 billion dollar tax cut?

Kathuria: Absolutely.
Kathuria: ?What people don't talk about is small businesses were allowed to deduct over $100,000. That was important?

Berkowitz: Why is that important?

Kathuria: ?Because if I could deduct $100,000, I could buy more equipment. If I could buy more equipment, I could grow my company and I would be able to employ more people?
*************************************************************Kathuria: And even on Wednesday when I was at Grover Norquist's Wednesday meeting, I signed the tax pledge that promised that if I get elected, I would not raise taxes.

Berkowitz: And that is just recently. We are taping this on June 26 and you were out in Washington, DC at the Grover Norquist meeting on June 25th, right?

Kathuria: Right

Berkowitz: And, that is the famous [weekly, Washington, DC Norquist] meeting of conservatives?

Kathuria: Absolutely.

Berkowitz: So, you qualify? They said you are OK, you are a conservative?

Kathuria: I think they liked what I had to say?

Berkowitz: Do you wear that label proudly as a conservative?

Kathuria: I think I wear the label proudly as the Republican Party. I think I told them at that meeting that the Republicans' best chance for holding the seat in Illinois is by me getting elected. People are going to cross over for me--whether it is the African, Asian moderate Democrats are going to cross over for me. They are not going to cross over for the other candidates?

Berkowitz: Why are they going to cross over for you?

Kathuria: I think when they see me as a candidate, they see the American Dream story, they see the opportunity of education--we were very involved during my college days with African American issues?
Berkowitz: Do you support affirmative action?

Kathuria: I support how the Supreme Court ruled.

Berkowitz: ?If you were on the Supreme Court and you got to vote, would you have voted the same way that the majority did, the same opinion that [justice] Sandra Day O'Connor wrote, the majority opinion?

Kathuria: Yes, absolutely, because I know ?
Berkowitz: So, you want to maintain local control of education?

Kathuria: Absolutely, the state of Illinois and the school district know exactly what is going on- they should have more control and I would support a financial incentive system to judge schools on how good their teachers are, how well they are performing- run it like a business.

Berkowitz: Do you support school choice, school vouchers?

Kathuria: I would support school choice, school vouchers, home schooling?
Berkowitz: You favor that? You favor changing the rules of the Senate making it harder to filibuster [judicial appointments]?

Kathuria: Yes, Yes, absolutely. What I would support is letting everyone vote. If they think he is qualified to be a judge- everyone deserves that right?

Berkowitz: ?You would support Miguel Estrada [for the DC Court of Appeals]

Kathuria: I would probably support both [Estrada, for the DC Circuit Court of Appeals and Owen, for the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals]?

Berkowitz: But, you don't know enough to say you would support them?

Kathuria: Right now, I would say that I would support them and I would let the vote go. That's the way you should decide.
*************************************************************Berkowitz: You supported the war in Iraq?

Kathuria: Absolutely?

Berkowitz: The fact that we have not found any weapons of mass destruction, yet- Does that concern you- since, was that the main reason why we went to war.

Kathuria: ..growing up and being to emerging markets, I know that if you have a dictatorship that is torturing their citizens, they want to live in a free and democratic society

Berkowitz: ?So it was a just and prudent war, but it may not have been an urgent war?

Kathuria: I think I would characterize it that

Berkowitz: just, prudent, but not necessarily urgent, but it is still OK?

Kathuria: it is OK


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