US Senate Race for Illinois - 2004

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Republican Candidates
Alan Keyes
Jack Ryan
John Borling
Dr. Chirinjeev Kathuria
Andy McKenna
Jim Oberweis
Steven Rauschenberger
Jonathan Wright
Antonio Davis-Fairman
John Cox
Patrick O'Malley
Jim Durkin

Democratic Candidates
Barack Obama
Gery Chico
Blair Hull
Estella Johnson-Hunt
Dan Hynes
Maria Pappas
Nancy Skinner
Joyce Washington
Frank Avila
Matt O'Shea
John Simmons

Color Codes:
Black - Potential Candidate
Green - Active Candidate
Red - Lost
Orange - Candidate has dropped out or is not running

Dr. Kathuria's remarks on June 8th when he announced his candidacy were:


Illinois politics and government will never be the same thanks to the Illinois Leader. The instant access to research, opinion, and discussion on the issues of our day has already had major, positive effects on influencing some laws that are passed and stopping other bills from passage. I am proud to support your continuing efforts to grow and expand and you can count on my campaign to partner with you by communicating with your readers.

What is America? America is a country that would allow a man as distinguished looking as myself to rise and become a leader because of my dedication and education.

I am an American first and foremost. I was brought from India when I was eight months old, and I was raised in this tolerant and accepting country with an abundance of opportunities and resources. I was raised to believe in the American Dream, and with hard work and diligence I managed to live the American Dream.

My father came to this country with a few dollars. His son graduated from Downers Grove North High School 20 years ago and had the privilege of earning undergraduate and Medical Degree’s from Brown, and an MBA from Stanford and now owns several business ventures ranging from medical to technological to space exploration that have generated a considerable amount of wealth.

Because of my background, the issue of technology will be a major plank in my campaign platform.

I would like this audience to be the first to here me say that, after much prayer, soul searching, and consultation with dozens of family, friends, and political and business people…I have come to a decision. I will be a candidate for the Republican nomination for United States Senate on the March 16 ballot.

First and foremost our country is suffering from economic distress. I totally support the Job Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003 that the President has just passed and I applaud him for giving money back to the people.

I am committed to reaching out to the people personally and finding out what it is that will help them solve their everyday economic challenges. Tough choices have to be made. Pet projects have to be eliminated, wasteful use of taxpayer monies must end.

However, even with a job our citizens still feel a threat because the War on Terror is not over. I will stand with President Bush- and most importantly -our brave fighting men and women for a fully funded and supported military.

Because I am a Medical Doctor, I thoroughly understand the threat of biological and chemical warfare. I have a strong understanding of how to better prepare our hospitals and cities for such a threat.

Illinois and the U.S. needs another Senator who is a physician, like Senate Majority leader Dr. Frist, with policy background to solve one of the most important issues: affordable high-quality health care through private systems.

I am fully aware that the Republican Party has a statewide problem of voter registration and integrity. I am committed to reaching out to the rural communities and encouraging people who are often considered minorities like myself, to vote. I would also like to help protect the Illinois farmers.

Brazil and Argentina are now producing soybeans and we must help Illinois farmers by opening up our exports to the developing world. I will also help to raise funds for the Republican Party because I have a very strong financial background.

Education is another fundamental issue in my campaign. I fully comprehend the benefit of education because I could not have reached where I am without a phenomenal education. Because Illinois educational scores in reading dropped this year, I fully support Charter Schools, school vouchers, and financial incentives that will make schools accountable for their funds, their achievements, and their teaching strategies.

In closing let me say that I am a strong leader that believes in a new economic future, elimination of terror, improved healthcare, improved education and strong family values. I believe in America as One Nation Under God. Moral virtues and values are key components in the Sikh faith as they are in Christian teachings.

I am here to find solid implemental solutions. I am not a professional politician I am here to get things done. I will study the issues and travel around Illinois and listen to what you have to say about the issues and what you want. As it will be the Illinois citizens that will put me in the office.

Winston Churchill said if you are 20 and not a liberal you have no heart and he said if you are 40 and not a conservative you have no mind. So since I am close to 40 you know where I stand.




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